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Laimes® silicone products are available in a wide variety of material grades and Shore hardnesses, and coupled with LAIMEISI comprehensive custom manufacturing capabilities, there are limitless production possibilities in any industry application.
Whatever application you have in mind, let us know what you think and our technical team will work with you to find the perfect solution.

  • 3C Industry
    Laimes® silicone products have the characteristics of insulation, heat conduction, heat dissipation, etc., and are widely used in the 3C industry of the three major technological products of computer, communication, and consumer electronics. Performance Properties of SiliconeExcellent thermal conduc Read More
  • Electric Vehicle
    Laimes® silicone has excellent sealing and fire resistance properties, we have a range of gaskets, seals, foam, fire-resistant composite silicone cloth for a wide range of automotive applications. Here I would also like to recommend our LMS-FH ceramic fireproof silicone cloth,Under 450C or above hig Read More
  • LED Lighting
    Laimes® silicone foam sheet, silicone sheet, thermal pad has excellent heat resistance and sealing, as well as weather resistance, is the best choice for LED lighting enclosures, gaskets and seals. Available in a variety of hardnesses and thicknesses,in rolls, strips and sheets,as well as standard a Read More
  • Home & Garden
    With FDA-approved silicone materials, we offer many products suitable for the food and beverage industry.Our material is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, has high and low temperature resistance, softness, strong tensile strength, anti-skid and other properties, can be in direct contact wit Read More
  • Rail Transit
    With the increasing demand for subway, light rail and high-speed rail around the world, rail transit has developed into an indispensable public transportation. No matter what kind of rail transit, we will provide you with the latest silicone materials and application solutions. We stock highly durab Read More
  • Aerospace
    Laimes® silicone is used for many interior and exterior uses, including seals, gaskets, and thermal insulation, making it an excellent material choice for aerospace applications. Performance Properties of SiliconeSilicone rubber holds a number of performance properties that are critical for the aero Read More


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We have 6 large number of CNC coating lines, calendering production lines, moulding machines. and has dozens of middle and senior technicians who have been engaged in organosilicon materials for a long time.



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