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LED Lighting

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Laimes® silicone foam sheet, silicone sheet, thermal pad has excellent heat resistance and sealing, as well as weather resistance, is the best choice for LED lighting enclosures, gaskets and seals. Available in a variety of hardnesses and thicknesses,in rolls, strips and sheets,as well as standard and custom-cut parts.

Performance Properties of Silicone

High and low temperature resistance – Maintains performance integrity over a wide high to low temperature range.

Superior Long Term Sealing Performance – Excellent compression set properties create a tight long term seal against wind, rain, moisture, dust and environmental contaminants.

Excellent thermal conductivity - transfers heat from the internal circuit to the outer casing, where it dissipates for extended service life.

Chemically Inert – no off-gassing, will not degrade chemically over time and is resistance to solvents.

Durability – retains performance properties over the long term and will not harden, crack, or become brittle over time.

LED Lighting Applications

LED backlight module

Remote Telecommunications Stations

Automotive Lighting

High Mast & Cobra Head Designs

Highway Lighting

Outdoor Display Lighting

Parking Lots

Public Parks & Walkways

Remote Telecommunications Stations

Stadium Lighting

Street Lighting


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We have 6 large number of CNC coating lines, calendering production lines, moulding machines. and has dozens of middle and senior technicians who have been engaged in organosilicon materials for a long time.



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