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Electric Vehicle

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Laimes® silicone has excellent sealing and fire resistance properties, we have a range of gaskets, seals, foam, fire-resistant composite silicone cloth for a wide range of automotive applications.

Here I would also like to recommend our LMS-FH ceramic fireproof silicone cloth,Under 450C or above high temperature or flame, it quickly hardens and forms a hard shell. This kind of shell plays a very good role in protecting the line or cable and battery pack insulation, and is an environmentally friendly new material with comprehensive performance that replaces the traditional mica tape.

Performance Properties of Silicone

Excellent fire resistance- Can withstand high temperature up to 1000 ℃ in an instant. The fire resistance level can reach the GB/T12666 Class A standard, and it can pass the CWZ water drench vibration fire resistance test of BS6387 Test. (specific product:The ceramicized fire-resistant and fire-resistant composite tape can form a hard shell under high temperature or flame conditions of 450°C or above, ensuring that the line can still be unblocked in the event of a fire.)

Chemically Inert – No off-gassing, will not degrade chemically over time and is resistance to solvents.

Durability – Retains performance properties over the long term and will not harden, crack, or become brittle over time.

Waterproof - Does not absorb or transfer moisture to protect electrical components and the interior of the cabin.

Conformability – Maintains continuous contact with the contours of any surface to which it is applied.

Automotive Silicone Applications

Lithium-ion battery

battery module

Battery pack insulation layer, fireproof layer

wires and cables

seating foam

sound dampening cushioning

vacuum hoses

wiper blade seals


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We have 6 large number of CNC coating lines, calendering production lines, moulding machines. and has dozens of middle and senior technicians who have been engaged in organosilicon materials for a long time.



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